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Busy professionals, mothers, and bridal parties.

We assist salons with filling empty seats.

We partner with beauty brands to offer reward points to consumers as well as provide pop-up services.

We partner with companies to provide beauty services to their employees.


on the go GLAM™ seeks to increase labor supply for the beauty industry. Salons and individual providers want more opportunities to earn supplemental income.

Give GLAM is also a social impact cause built into the foundation of OTGG, which will donate to organizations that support women who have been victims of poverty, domestic violence, and sex trafficking.



The Busy Girls Package is for the professional woman on the go, or the busy mom who does not have time to think for herself. With this package, choose two services a month and take the headache out of scheduling an appointment or forgetting to put yourself first. Want more? Let us customize a package for you!



Our GLAM Pros deliver hair, makeup, and nail services to the bride, bridal party, and wedding guests.

I am a busy entrepreneur, mentor, and mom of 3. Managing my time and energy wisely is why I love what on the go GLAM is all about. Getting glammed up should be fun for everyone and being able to bring someone to me is going to be the game changer that can make that happen!

Ana R.

I am a working mother of two. Between my career in sales and my children, I rarely have time to myself and the time I do have, I’m literally exhausted. Houston is a big city and I’m always looking for ways to lighten my commute when I’m off work. My New Year’s resolution is to start taking better care of myself not just emotionally but physically. Every woman wants to look and feel beautiful.

Liza M.

Planning a wedding is so stressful. on the go GLAM completely takes the headache out of having to search for a glam team for my special day.

Allison C.

As a working mom, it’s often hard to get ready at home when the kids are there. Even when they’re not there, you’re likely to get distracted by “other things to do” and not able to focus on getting your look just right. For professional events that require a more polished look, it would be so convenient to let someone else glam you instead of trying to do it all by yourself – like a mini papering session and you end up less stressed and looking fabulous!

De’Awn B.

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